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Job Information

Northwell Health Nursing Attendant in New Hyde Park, New York

Req Number 26489

Job Description

Job Description

Under direction and supervision of Registered Nurse, assists patients with activities of daily living, provides basic nursing care, and assists in maintenance of a safe and clean environment.

Job Responsibility

Functions as a co-worker to the nurse and a key member of the nursing care team:

  • Organizes patient care assignment and sets priorities.

  • Alerts RN co-worker to changes in patient status (i.e. alteration in comfort, skin integrity, alterations in breathing pattern, etc.).

  • Documents patient care and patient status changes on the appropriate chart forms.

  • Communicates routine information to RN periodically during shift (i.e. intake and output).

  • Assists RN in providing for ADL needs of patients:

  • Prepares patients for meals, and feeds or assists with meals.

  • Provides between meal nourishment and fresh water to patients.

  • Bathes or assists patient to bathe, provides oral hygiene.

  • Toilets patients as necessary.

  • Maintains patient's mobility with range of motion exercises and ambulation.

  • Grooms patient, including shaving, as needed.

  • Participates with the RN in the development of a plan of care for assigned patient.

  • Utilizes a plan of care in carrying out patient assignments.

  • Maintains patient care units in a neat and orderly condition:

  • Changes and makes beds.

  • Cleans and straightens bedside table and overbed tables, as needed.

  • Strips patient units upon discharge of patient, in preparation for cleaning by Housekeeping Department.

  • Removes equipment from room. Cleans and place it in appropriate area.

  • Prepares room for new admissions, transfers and post-operative patients.

  • Assists Registered Nurse by performing selected procedures and simple treatments:

  • Takes and records temperature, pulse, respiration rate and blood pressure on admission and as assigned.

  • Measures and records fluid intake and output; totals at shift end.

  • Obtains specimens, such as urine, stool and sputum.

  • Administers enemas, as directed.

  • Weighs and records patient weight on admission and as indicated.

  • Shave patients as instructed in preparation for procedures.

  • Performs simple procedures utilizing aseptic technique (i.e. applying and changing simple dressings).

  • Performs simple respiratory treatments, as required (i.e. suctioning).

Performs a variety of related duties:

  • Assists patients in and out of bed, ambulates patients, lifts, turns and positions patients.

  • Assists with serving of meals; positions patient, cleans overbed table, and helps distribute and collect trays.

  • Transports and accompanies patients to various departments, as directed.

  • Reports missing or damaged equipment to Unit Service Coordinator.

  • Maintains non-patient rooms (i.e. utility rooms, linen rooms, kitchens, etc.) in a neat and orderly condition.

  • Maintains cleanliness of patient care equipment.

  • Performs constant observation on selected patients as assigned.

  • Follows medical Center's policies and procedures to support QA/QI efforts in patient care and services.

  • Performs post-mortem care and transports body to morgue.

  • Takes part in Nursling's continuing education policy by:

  • Attending nursing attendant course during orientation program.

  • Participating and completing annual mandatory educational requirements.

  • Attending nursing attendant staff development programs offered throughout the year.

  • Accesses medication delivery and/or medication areas, as authorized, in the performance of required duties, as needed.

  • Performs related duties, as required.

Job Qualification

  • High School Diploma or equivalent, required.

  • Heart Saver Certification, preferred.

  • Prior experience as a Nursing Attendant, preferred.

  • Ability to lift, turn, position, etc. Patients, as required.

  • Ability to work in diversified settings.